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Welcome to Operation Muskie

Operation Muskie provides recent overseas veterans with the fishing trip of a lifetime on Lake of the Woods. Each year this event pairs a new group of 20 vets with 10 of the greatest fishing guides for an all-expenses-paid, fully-guided "welcome home" at world-famous Baystore Camp.

Operation Muskie got started when  Dick Pearson contacted Frank and Laura Walsh at Baystore C
amp about reserving a cabin  to take a returning Veteran muskie fishing.  Frank told Dick to find 19 more deserving Veterans and they would host them free of charge. 


With the help of  Doug Johnson and many other  friends and the contributions from hundreds of patriotic people, the idea grew into Operation Muskie.

The camaraderie between vets who have "been there, done that" and those who appreciate their sacrifices, revealed a meaning that went far beyond the fishing alone.

With the help of generous individual gifts, as well as support from sponsors, Operation Muskie continues to meet it's mission: "Putting Thanks Into Action!" 


OPERATION MUSKIE Live Online Auction – April 16, 7:00 PM CST


The live online auction will be hosted in the MuskieFirst chat room: http://www.outdoorsfirst.com/chat/?s=2 on Wed, April 16th at 7:00 PM CST.  Please make sure you “test drive” the chat room.  Last year there were issues and people were logged out after each time they hit the “SEND” button. You may need to load Mozilla Firefox.

Thank you for supporting our Veterans by participating in the Operation Muskie 2014 live online auction. A VERY special thanks to the many lure manufacturers, guides, resorts, individuals, muskie clubs, professional organizations and companies that made many generous donations! Thank you for your support! Our Veterans make enormous sacrifices to serve our country and to preserve our freedom. Your support of Operation Muskie demonstrates your dedication to support our Veterans.

Operation Muskie continues to meet its mission: "Putting Thanks Into Action!" Operation Muskie began in 2008 and is an extremely successful non-­‐profit organization, providing our Veterans with an opportunity to relax after recent combat deployments. Each year this event pairs 20 Veterans with 10 world-­‐class muskie fishing guides for an all-­‐expenses-­‐paid, fully-­‐guided "welcome home" at world-­‐famous Walsh’s Bay Store Camp on Lake of the Woods. Operation Muskie 2014 is scheduled for Jul 7-­‐11. We are now preparing to support 20 more Veterans and bring our total number of Veterans supported to 140! For more information on Operation Muskie, please visit: http://www.operationmuskie.com/home.html

If you win an auction lot, you will need to provide your name and address. Lot winners can then pay for their lot by sending a check to the Operation Muskie Treasurer or make a payment via the Operation Muskie PayPal. Treasurer and PayPal info can be found on the “Donations” page at http://www.operationmuskie.com/home.html After we receive the payment, the lot will be shipped. Shipping cost is included in the winning bid amount, but a donation of a nominal shipping cost is much appreciated. For the guide trips and resort stays, the name auction lot winner will be emailed to the guide/resort. At that time, the winner can coordinate and schedule at their convenience.

Operation Muskie operates on a small & efficient budget. The entire OM staff is volunteers. All of the Operation Muskie guides donate 1 week of their valuable time during prime time fishing season. Operation Muskie could not happen without the continued support of the many sponsors. Many different companies, lure manufacturers, guides, resorts, muskie clubs and individuals make very generous donations. A special THANKS to MuskieFIRST for hosting and promoting this auction. Everyone working together enables us to sustain this adventure to support our Veterans. THANK YOU!


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